In this time of pandemic, why would I ask Jupiter for a miracle?  Because I read a post by Susan Miller  which opens with these provocative statements: “…this crisis is brought to you by Pluto, a powerful planet that deals with huge financial matters, masses of people–and viruses.  This year, Pluto in Capricorn will be traveling in conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn.  Jupiter is usually a jovial, generous planet, but in this case, Jupiter is compounding the problem.  Jupiter is known to expand everything it touches, whether that brings more good fortune or more not-so-good-fortune depends on the conditions.”

Jupiter is also considered the planet of miracles. Miller goes on to say, “Jupiter in his current position throughout 2020 will be capable of creating the miracle we all need. ”

So what are these images of what appears
to be a dried squash gourd covered with string netting?
This is my Jupiter.

I covered this hard shelled gourd, after the pulp was cleared out by pouring strong coffee into the opening, with a string bag woven from natural cotton fibers that I learned to spin when attending Martin Prechtel‘s school of spiritual ecology. A gourd is the fruit that nourishes the seeds of a new plant.  And new growth is a miracle.

I plan to hold a tiny amount of powdered egg shell, minerals to strengthen my request, in this beautiful scallop shell.  Then while quietly chanting the 7 seed sounds, I am going to tip the powder into my Jupiter to nourish the seeds that are the rattle in the gourd.

I discovered a box of wool that a friend dyed with natural plant juices, and each day I ask Jupiter for a miracle I am going to add a wisp of colored wool woven through the strings to create the clouds that surround the planet.

We all need food and shelter, and so for 122 days, the length of time Jupiter is going retrograde, I will be offering seed sounds, powdered eggshell stardust, and wisps of wool clouds to build a home and nourishment for my request.

And the container for the ceremony?  This piece of lacquer ware is from the depression, and belonged to my Mother, who survived another time of great uncertainty and instability.  In a ceremony for a big planet during a big time, it seems right that every detail have a big story.

So everything is ready.  The table is covered with a shawl from a friend, The candle was a gift of light during winter solstice,  The moonsnail shell and smudge helped clear my house of a moment of anger and confusion.  And when do I begin?


Now. Every day.