Letting nature take its course is possible “when one is aware of and aligned with the forces of nature.”  This quote from Tao Te Ching, translated by R.L. Wing, continues: “We already know that it is rarely worth the effort to swim upstream but do we know which way the steam is flowing? We realize that it is difficult and unsatisfying to cut across the grain, but can we see which way the grain runs? When we understand why and how reality functions…we come to realize that nature invariably takes it course.”

In this view, letting nature take its course does not mean taking no action or involvement, but rather maintaining a constant awareness of patterns in nature, and receiving insights from finding those parallel patterns in human behavior and situations.

This dream painting,  based on the 13th of 47 dreams received when creating the Journey Oracle Divination cards–has this question for a title, and at its heart.   Sometimes it seems that  the best answers show us what not to do, leaving what to do unspoken and expanding into the vast ocean of possibility.

In this dream, neither the old man nor the young woman are actually in the elements that surround them, nor are they relating to each other. Certainly most of us prefer a picnic under an awning on a rainy day, yet how powerful it is to just be in the weather, without complaint or control.

And where is everybody?  Certainly some effort has been gone to, but the chairs are mostly empty and the food is waiting.  It seems we sometimes put our desires ahead of the efforts of others–human and other-than-human–and therefore have no awareness, and probably no compassion, for their experience.

What of nature itself?
Is letting it take its course merely an excuse
for not being bothered
to become fully conscious about our impact?

Perhaps we treat nature as a logo,
to keep us from genuine experience with it.

Is nature even real any more?

Oh yes, I think it is.
Messy and vibrant.
Inspiring and frightening.
Never unnecessary or superfluous.

The deeper we penetrate,
the closer we are brought to the truth of reality.
But first we have to look away from the picnic.

Are you deciding to let nature take its course?