This new drum from the Journey Oracle,
communicated somehow to me that this was
a picture of Mother Ocean’s younger sister.

Mother Ocean’s younger sister?
Who knew she had one?
Where do these images come from?

I am mostly not doing much,
just gazing into a drum face.

Usually I am looking for eyes.
Sometimes I only find one.
And often everything flows from that.

A friend passes by and
mentions the seal.
I don’t see the seal but I do see
the hand.
Its good to note that I don’t paint
much detail inside a form.
I mostly paint the lost and found edges.

So maybe there is a theme happening.
Certainly feels so when I find the other hand
and discover the fish.

When the dolphin shows up I am confident
I am painting a portrait of someone from the ocean realm.
The dolphin won’t appear fully,
which is often the case.
These creatures sort of flicker into and out of view.
Not up to me who shows up and how.
I am just gazing into the drum face.

You might notice that it is mostly the
surrounding space that is painted.
I work raw earth pigments with a dry brush
into the background and between spaces.

These painted images emerge from this drum in a dusting of
ultramarine blue, black iron oxide and burnt umber.
Even though faint, the painting process works the pigment
into the keratin of the deer skin, acting like a tattoo.

Therefore the painting cannot be removed by playing the drum.


Maybe you know Mother Ocean’s younger sister.
Or would like to.

You can hear this drum being played with a felted beater
by clicking on this youtube url.