This new drum is not yet a drum, but no longer is it a deer roaming the mostly wild island of West Redonda.   It is between the worlds of wild creature and ritual companion.  Just like walking in the woods is neither fully wild nor fully tame.

So this post has no pictures of a drum, but it does have images of how such a never-yet-seen-thing might come to be in this world.

It is an old deer that gave this skin to the hunter, who gave it to me. Old is not worn out  but it is thick with experience, and scars, curious drag marks and what look the healed claw marks of a big cat that missed its grab at the deer’s hindquarters.  Just like this season turning to autumn is thick with experience and scars.

This will not be a drum of shimmering surfaces and layered vibrations.  If successful, it will sound more like a deep cave of revelation, if you have the courage to crawl inside.

If I am able to coax a good voice from the dense fibres of time in this hide, I think it may speak like water does.  Deep tones that flow beneath echos of moving patterns.

Of course, it may be that all this speculation is just fantasy, that the skin is too old and thick to make a drum at all.  Certainly what will happen will be unexpected.

But this is the best part of going into the Mystery.  One can never quite know what will be found, or it wouldn’t be the Mystery.  And even if it is not a drum, it will be a good story.