Mother Reindeer’s Journey to the Sun
is a delight of entertainment, education, and art.

Discover the magic of Mother Reindeer,

ladybug wishes

and mountain caribou!

Join Mother Reindeer on her winter solstice flight
to bring warmth and light back
to everyone in the north.

Delight in the detail and colour
found on every page of this story.

Learn interesting facts about mountain caribou

and see photos of them in their
unique habitat.

 Find out the secret of the ladybug
that flies along with Mother Reindeer.

This story is the retelling of a legend from ancient reindeer cultures throughout the world.  This children’s book is written by Kathy Sager and illustrated by Kristen Scholfield-Sweet.  Caribou photographs are by permission from David Moskowitz, from his book: Caribou Rainforest – from Heartbreak to Hope.  Mother Reindeer’s Journey to the Sun is available from Maa Press or directly from Kathy and Kristen.