Lots of creatures came to this new 14 inch frame drum.
So many and with such clarity that I think something is up.


This drum had lots of challenges being prepared and built.
The bullet entry hole is on one rim–

While the exit hole created larger damage on the opposite rim.
The only solution I know is to sew this up
and hope the edges stayed intact.


The wounds created patterns of stress,
and yet the stretch has held and the voice is strong.

Just like the deerskin itself,
these creatures speak to me of different kinds of strength.

Snake is a master of rebirth,
a creature of great controversy and paradox,
just like these times.


 Raven is a bird of mysticism and magic.
Sometimes a trickster,
always a creative force for movement without fear.
A way to navigate in these times.


Bear is a healer,
a guide for awakening the unconscious,
for climbing to a clear perspective.
So needed in these times.


Wolf is social, loyal, highly intelligent.
Willing to avoid danger by trusting instinct.
Wisdom to follow in these times.


Cat can see in the dark.
A clever combining of strength and power in gentleness.
A way through these times.

Fear lives in the dark.
But when I gather with these animal spirits
and listen to their songs in the drum,
I hear kindness and wise counsel.
Sounds like light.

You can listen to this drum being played with a felted drumstick
by clicking on this youtube link: https://youtu.be/IbbfgG6asNI